Magic of Mull

Tales of love on a Scottish island . . .

The characters in this book are strong, well drawn and complex- frankly I didn’t want this book to end.

Gill, Amazon Reviewer

What the Future Holds

Anticipating a relaxing holiday in her idyllic holiday cottage on the Scottish island of Mull, 29-year-old Amy Wilson realises her plans will be ruined by a letter she finds when she arrives. It contains a proposal to build a holiday complex directly in front of her cottage.

The application is in the name of a member of the McFarlane family. In their youth, Amy and Sandy McFarlane spent holidays on the island together as part of a larger group of young people.

She is about to lose control of the steady pattern of her life, and has no idea what will replace it.

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Spirit of the Island

Scarred physically and emotionally after a car accident, Kirsty Mitchell fears that her two-year-old marriage may be falling apart. She decides to spend some time on the Isle of Mull, where she meets Finn, a charismatic diver.

Kirsty is facing an uncertain future. Will her stay on the island help her to recover from the accident? She is tempted to respond to the attentions of Finn, but should she make an effort to patch up her marriage to Adam?

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Daughter of Mull

Anna Ballantyne, a freelance researcher, is devastated by her birth mother’s refusal to meet her. Commissioned to research the Lord of the Isles on the Scottish Island of Mull, she plans to make contact with her birth mother who lives there.

She quickly falls under the spell of Finn Ericson, the island’s unofficial tour guide, but complications arise when roommate, Roddie, arrives from Glasgow and his feelings for her are soon revealed to be more serious than she’d realised.

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